Sixth Graders Get Birth Control and Teens Gets IUDs Without Parents’ Knowledge


A public high school in Seattle thinks letting girls drink soda is more dangerous than implanting high schoolers with IUDs — without their parents’ permission. [Read more...]

A Central Deception in the Obama Administration’s Case Against the Little Sisters of the Poor

A key theme of the Obama administration’s 37-page response to the Little Sisters of the Poor’s request for an injunction against the HHS abortion-pill Mandate, boils down to this: It’s just a form. [Read more...]

When Big Government Doesn’t Let Us Help Ourselves

As a conservative who believes in the power of individuals and private charities to transform lives, I’ve been told the same lie again and again: “That’s all good, but only government is big enough to take care of us all.” [Read more...]

The Sexual Revolution, Courtesy of Big Government

One of the more amusing tricks in American politics is when progressive libertines call themselves “libertarians” or confuse their sexual self-indulgence with a “strong libertarian streak.”
[Read more...]