What the Vile Treatment of Bristol Palin Teaches Us (Once Again)

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My Wasilla Swag

Not only will these be great salad servers, Naomi took one to school for show-and-tell for the letter “M.”

When I went to Alaska to help Bristol Palin on her memoir, I had no idea what Alaska would be like. [Read more…]

22 Behind the Scenes Photos of DWTS with Bristol Palin

Before the show, the family gathered in the ABC trailer lot to hang out with Bristol before her quick step!

Last week, my 13 year old daughter Camille and I had the honor of going to Hollywood and seeing Dancing with the Stars in person as the guest of Bristol Palin. [Read more…]

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Dancing with the Stars All Star Edition

Confession: I’ve never seen a season of Dancing with the Stars. [Read more…]

I Built This, Mr. President

Over on Bristol Pain’s blog, she asked people to send in photos of their small businesses: [Read more…]