God Smites and God is Gracious: A Response to Kevin Miller

Shortly after I wrote my post “Is the God of Calvinism a Moral Monster” — inspired by (and quoting) a dialogue between Hellbound writer/director Kevin Miller and the Gospel Coalition’s Justin Taylor — Kevin responded on his own blog.  You should go read his whole post, but here’s the part that really caught my eye: [Read more...]

“Is the God of Calvinism a Moral Monster?”

That’s the title of an interesting and thought-provoking post by Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition.  Justin embedded a video interview left on the cutting-room-floor of the forthcoming documentary Hellbound.  In the video (embedded below), Justin grapples with a question I often receive — is a God who only saves some of His children a moral monster? [Read more...]

The Profound Theological Awesomeness of the Superman Trailers

Just as when I thought that movie life couldn’t get much better, when a cinematic trifecta of Avengers, the new, darker Spiderman, and the final Batman couldn’t be improved upon, we see on the horizon a re-imagined Superman franchise by the creators of 300 and Batman.  I almost wept with joy.   [Read more...]

Are Calvinists Arrogant?

I’m much more involved in political/cultural battles than I am in theological squabbles, but ever since I first dipped my toe in those tumultuous waters, I’ve heard the same criticism again and again: Reformed believers are just so darn arrogant. [Read more...]

Press the Panic Button, Protestants?

On Tuesday I posted six reasons why Mormons are beating Baptists in church growth and then just this morning ran across this chart based on Pew Forum data. Simply put, unless we Protestants can start to change these numbers, we’re going to fade away in the United States.  Yes, it will take time.  Yes, we’ll be a cultural influence for decades to come.  But fade we will. [Read more...]

Happy Monday — Your Reformed Rap of the Week

Here it is — the Gospel in about six minutes of rhyme:

A Marvelous Song of God’s Sovereign Grace

This song touched me profoundly today:

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Happy Monday — Here’s Your Reformed Rap of the Week

It’s Shai Linne time again — bringing it with lyrical theology about the Cross:

Theology Rap

As we note in our blog mission statement, we Frenches have pledged to leave in our wake a trail of shattered, seeker-church acoustic guitars (never mind that three of the five members of the family are taking lessons with — you guessed it — acoustic guitars; consistency has long been the hobgoblin of small minds).  But does that pledge apply to some killer rhymes, a driving beat, and some good theology?  Definitely not!

No Shine Jesus Shine here.  Feast your eyes (and ears) on Shai Linne and — as a friend said — prepare to get slayed: