The Bachelorette: Where Proper Grammar Goes to Die

When Emily Maynard sent Sean Lowe home last week, hearts melted and Nora Ephron turned over in her grave. [Read more…]

Jef Holm Quotes Book of Mormon on The Bachelorette, Refuses Overnight Date

“One F Jef” Holm on The Bachelorette may claim not to be “half Mormon” or even “full Mormon,” but he certainly can quote the Book of Mormon. [Read more…]

How “The Bachelorette” is like Socialism

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Will “The Mormon Bachelor” Create More Marriages than ABC’s?

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Religion on The Bachelorette: Just Under the Surface

By now French Revolution readers know that I suffer from a malady – an addiction to the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  Judge not!  I know you have your secret television loves too.

The show is fascinating for a million reasons, including one reason common to many reality shows – because the producers work with “real people,” reality television is hardly a religion-free zone. [Read more…]