What Chick-fil-A quietly did in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting has even critics applauding

Chick-fil-A is a constant target of the radical left because of its founders Christian faith.   [Read more…]

Why Joey Feek’s 2 year old hasn’t asked for her since Joey’s death

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.17.07 PM

Country music star Joey Feek passed away from cancer a month ago, but her 2 year old daughter Indiana has not asked for her mother once since Joey’s passing. [Read more…]

PHOTOS: Chris Pratt celebrates Easter by putting a giant cross on his property

When we hear stories about Hollywood A-listers, they don’t often involve a very public display of the Gospel story. [Read more…]

Jennifer Garner takes her kids to church every week – Read the surprising reason she recommitted to Christianity

Jennifer Garner has begun taking her children back to church every Sunday.  Why the sudden devotion? Her latest movie role caused the change.

Garner grew up going to church every Sunday with her family, but says she stopped going when she moved to Hollywood. (The culture there, she says, doesn’t encourage faith.) But when she was cast as Christy Beam in Miracles From Heaven, she began to rethink her faith. [Read more…]

Experts Fear Riots: Hollywood Star Mocks Koran by Reading it in a Porn Voice

In a shocking show of disrespect, Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson read the Koran in what has been described as an “erotic, pornographic” tone.  The mockery happened on an upcoming comedy album called “Sexy Koran,” in which the listeners feign arousal by the ancient words. [Read more…]