Al Gore Blames Obama’s Debate Performance on the Altitude

Being from Tennessee, I always pay attention to what Al Gore says. [Read more…]

Aurora Shootings – ABC’s Brian Ross Blows It

Jon Stewart discusses ABC’s unfair quest to link the movie-mass-murderer to the tea party:


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Studio Behind Batman Makes “Substantial” Donation to Charities Supporting Shooting Victims

This is nice: [Read more…]

Romney: May the Victims and Families Feel the ‘Comfort of a Living God’

Via The Corner:

“Our prayer is that the Comforter might bring the peace to their souls that surpasses our understanding. [Read more…]

Mitt Romney Responds to Colorado Shooting

It’s such a punch in the national gut — what should’ve been a fun night out turning into such an utter tragedy. [Read more…]