Are We Becoming a Nation of Cowards?

Over at NRO, I read about the sad and ugly denouement of the Penn State football scandal — the scandal where a former football player didn’t have the courage to seize an elderly child rapist he caught in the act, where a football legend didn’t have the courage to even ban an old friend from campus, and where administrators looked the other way rather than confront ugly truths.  It’s just one story, yes, but there are many other stories.

We have a cultural “elite” that doesn’t merely shun wartime military service (“shunning” would at least indicate they gave it a moment’s thought), the possibility never even crosses their mind.  And so, in a nation of more than 300 million, far fewer than 1% have risked life and limb in our fight against a great evil.

As the Catholic Church stands united against the HHS mandate, filing lawsuit after lawsuit, vanishingly few Protestant institutions — in a land where Protestants far outnumber Catholics — have done anything more than issue strongly-worded statements.  “We’re all Catholics now?”  Hardly.  If we were all Catholics now, the Obama administration would confront a true tidal wave of litigation and opposition. [Read more…]