The Second Presidential Debate, to Music?

Yes, this just happened. (h/t The Corner)

Candy Crowley on Sept. 28th: Why Did It Take Obama So Long to Call Attacks Terrorism?

Oops!  Turns out, Candy Crowley actually used to believe that it took the President a long time to admit the actions in Libya were terrorist acts. [Read more…]

Two Scriptures which Pertain to the VP Debate: Why Biden Won’t Have the Last Laugh

Ecclesiastes 7:5-6 [Read more…]

Joe Biden is Laughing. Are You?

A great — instructive — ad from the Republicans after Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate. [Read more…]

Vice Presidential Debate Analysis — As It Happened in Real Time

I live-blogged the vice-presidential debate in real time over at National Review Online.  Here are the posts, in order.  Does my analysis hold up? [Read more…]