What kind of Mother would use her 6-year-old daughter to advocate for abortion? Hillary Clinton

Oh, the irony — using your blessing of a child to promote the killing of unborn children. Do the Clintons truly have no moral limitations? [Read more…]

Rob Lowe isn’t “feeling the Bern” – takes on Bernie Sanders on Twitter

You wanna know who’s not feeling The Bern?

Hollywood’s Rob Lowe.

Unlike everyone else in Hollywood lining up for Hillary (I’m looking at you Katy Perry, Steven Spielberg, and J.J. Abrams) or for Bernie (I’m looking at you Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, and Will Ferrell), the star of Parks & Recreation and St. Elmo’s Fire took to Twitter to combat Bernie Sanders’s extreme class warfare rhetoric. A fiercely political independent, Lowe couldn’t hide his frustration at the socialist’s use of the tired rhetoric that rich people should pay their fair share.

But the tweet that truly has everyone talking is Lowe’s invocation of his old character from The West Wing, Sam Seaborn. Created by well-known liberal Aaron Sorkin, the Democrat speechwriter for the fictional President Bartlett takes colleagues to task for their ridiculous rhetoric.

Good for Sam Seaborn, Rob Lowe, and Aaron Sorkin. Liberals love to pretend like conservatives have gotten more extreme over the years while progressives get more reasonable.

Well, Rob Lowe shows just how false that truly is. Over a decade ago, liberals were willing to call out their fellow partisans who lied in claiming that the wealthy don’t already pay a disproportionate amount of taxes while receiving fewer services. Now, there’s a socialist getting half the votes in the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucuses.

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The Democrats’ ‘Torture Report’ Is a Dangerous, Partisan Mess



To read the some of the more liberal quarters of the Internet today — from the New York Timesto Andrew Sullivan’s blogto The Nation, and beyond — you would think that the United States is now a virtual criminal enterprise, run by war criminals, harboring war criminals and committing war crimes as a matter of national policy. You would think American national honor has been stained forever. And you would know that the American story told by the Left, one dominated by stories of American crimes (real and imagined), will now include a new chapter — the torture era.

And that leftist story will be partisan, ideological nonsense. [Read more…]

Who’s the Best President for Black Americans? It’s Not Who You Think

You have to admire the man’s guts.  [Read more…]

Whole-Life is not Pro-Life, and (Sadly) Pro-Life Means Partisan

My continuing series of posts about young evangelicals, post-partisanship, and social justice has drawn some interesting responses — some thoughtful, some not.  One of the best (in my judgment) comes from Gregory Metzger’s blog, called Faith and the Common Good.  He makes three main points: That I say “again and again” young evangelicals are abandoning an effective voice for the unborn for the sake of “social justice” without providing examples; that I’ve presented my side favorably while distorting the opposing side; and that I’ve reduced the other side to a label they reject.  Most importantly, however, his post presents an opportunity to address an issue that plagues the pro-life movement — the “whole-life” distortion.

Any discussion of partisanship has to start with the cold, hard partisan facts.  In the real world voting for all but the tiniest minority of Democrats means strengthening and protecting the abortion-on-demand regime.  In the real world one party has cast its lot firmly on the side of abortion while the other seeks to protect unborn children.  Let’s contrast the parties’ 2008 platforms. [Read more…]