The Southwest (Airlines) Way Back


National Review put together a symposium on “lessons learned” following the 2012 election.  Here was my contribution: [Read more…]

Romney Received Larger Slice of Evangelical Votes than Any Other Previous GOP Candidate!

Dear friends, I know we’re all sad, but I wanted to pass along this amazing piece of information from Christianity Today: [Read more…]

‘Why Every American Christian Should Vote for Mitt Romney’

The Christian Post asked me to distill the case for Mitt Romney down to 400 words.  Considering that I’ve probably written (conservatively) more than 400,000 on the topic, it was a challenge.  But here it is — the 400 word Christian case for Mitt Romney.  Share with all your wavering friends: [Read more…]

Billy Graham’s Ad in the Wall Street Journal

In conjunction with Mitt Romney Central, we wanted you to see this add that Billy Graham put in today’s Wall Street Journal:

My Pre-Debate, Post-Debate Assessment

I’m not worried about tonight’s debate — not because I don’t understand the stakes or because I’m overconfident regarding Mitt’s performance, but because I feel like I already know what will happen.  For those who can’t watch tonight or have to go to sleep early, here’s my pre-debte, post-debate assessment. [Read more…]