Single? Married? How Family Structure Affects How You Vote

Have you ever thought about how the way your family is structured might affect the way you vote on election day? [Read more…]

I Thought It Would Be Different

Honestly, I’m still not over this. [Read more…]

Parenting Through Politics

“My eye itches,” eight-year-old Camille said one morning as she rolled out of bed. [Read more…]

No Regrets

I’ve been waiting to post in large part because I wanted to take some time to sort through my feelings — which have veered wildly between a sense of profound peace that we did all we could do and a deep sense of sadness and loss.  There’s no mitigating what happened Tuesday night: American voters didn’t simply reject a candidate, but they also largely rejected the values our candidate advanced. [Read more…]

How to Pray for the Presidency

How can you pray for the presidency during these challenging times? Dr. Charles Stanley of First Baptist Church Atlanta and In Touch Ministries shares 10 ways Christians should pray for the President.   [Read more…]