Final Reflections As the Votes Are Counted

I type this post mere hours before the first set of polls close on election day, and I must admit that I’m as nostalgic as I am anxious. [Read more…]

Dear Mormon Friends, It’s Time to Go “All-In” for Mitt

Well, we’ve encouraged evangelicals to support Gov. Romney since 2005. [Read more…]

My Sign Made It Onto CBS during the RNC!

We started Evangelicals for Mitt in 2006, so I had to represent on the convention floor! [Read more…]

Three Quick Takeaways from RNC Day Two

I know that yesterday I gave you four thoughts, but today I’m only giving three. [Read more…]

Four Quick Takeaways From RNC Day One

After a 2:30 a.m. arrival back in our room and a 6:00 a.m. start to the morning, I have some brief time to blog Day One.  I have four thoughts: [Read more…]