Five Reasons Why Mitt Romney May Out-Perform Even George Bush With Evangelicals

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger has a smart (and hopefully prescient) piece on Mitt Romney’s strength with evangelicals.  While no one can predict Tuesday’s outcome with any certainty (Get to the polls, people!  Get to the polls!), I feel confident that Mitt will do very, very well with evangelicals — outperforming John McCain and even perhaps outperforming evangelical George W. Bush, in spite of the alleged increase in “post-partisan” evangelical sentiment.  I can think of five reasons why. [Read more…]

Every Evangelical/Mormon Argument Goes Something Like This . . .

Over at Philosophical Fragments, my friend Timothy Dalrymple has been writing an excellent series of posts on Evangelical/Mormon relationships.  My favorite of the series begins with a decades-old exchange between Walter Martin, the famed Christian counter-cultist, and a young Mormon: [Read more…]

Evangelicals Support Mitt. Really.

The most succinct and encouraging two lines in the news this week belongs to Tobin Grant of Christianity Today. [Read more…]

Mormons, Yankees, and Three Observations About Generosity

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has released a comparison of the giving rates of all 366 major metropolitan areas.  I won’t paste the whole chart, but I would direct your attention to the top 25 areas and the bottom 25.  First, here’s the top 25: [Read more…]

Six Reasons Why Mormons Are Beating Baptists (In Church Growth)

Our churches face a demographic crisis. [Read more…]