Time Magazine cover story comes out against porn… but for the wrong reason

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In its recent edition, Time magazine made a surprising statement for a far-left magazine that generally promotes the sexual liberation of the sexual revolution.  It claimed that pornography might be detrimental to our society. [Read more…]

The Scary Stories You SHOULD Be Telling Your Kids

Terrified and surprised two little children

Flannelgraphs. [Read more…]

Single? Married? How Family Structure Affects How You Vote

Have you ever thought about how the way your family is structured might affect the way you vote on election day? [Read more…]

California Lesbians Force Christian School into Admitting Their Child

A lawsuit in San Diego, California has been filed after a Christian school decided not to enroll a child who has two moms.  The school cites their religious beliefs against homosexual lifestyles as the reason for not admitting the child, and the child’s mothers are now filing suit against the school claiming discrimination. [Read more…]

Hilarious SNL Starbucks Parody Makes Fun of Their New At-Home Coffee System

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When I was in New York with my 16 year old daughter a few of months ago, I jumped into the Starbucks in Times Square and got some coffee to warm me up.  She ordered milk. [Read more…]