Why We Should All Be Glad a Muslim Man Just Won His Religious-Liberty Case at the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Washington DC USA

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of a Muslim prison inmate who wished to grow a short (1/2 inch) beard for religious reasons. The good folks at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty have won again, and it’s their second unanimous religious-liberty victory in the last three years.  [Read more…]

‘When People Have the Freedom to Choose, They Choose Wrong:’ Watching The Giver

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Are the NSA and IRS Scandals the Same?

As an attorney suing the IRS on behalf of 25 conservative groups (with more to be added soon), I’m more than familiar with the Obama Administration’s willingness and ability to abuse its power for partisan and ideological ends. [Read more…]

Paul Ryan’s Glittering Pro-Life Credentials

In the next days and weeks, the media will focus on Paul Ryan’s commitment to economic freedom and fiscal reform.   [Read more…]

Faith, Freedom, and the Fourth

“A soldier of the Continental Line.”

The statement, barely legible on an ancient gravestone, was one like dozens of others in our church’s 207-year-old graveyard.

World War II veterans in the foreground, Revolutionary War Veterans in the background, Zion Presbyterian Church

“A soldier of the Revolutionary War.”

“United States Navy, World War II.”

“A soldier of the Korean War.”

It was 7:00 a.m. on June 30, and my two oldest kids and I were placing flags on veterans’ graves before our church’s annual “faith and freedom” service. As we passed by the graves, I tried to give short history lessons. [Read more…]