Three Reasons Why We ‘Cling’

While the next few weeks will invariably bring out the same cavalcade of charts, graphs, and statistics purporting to explain either how the United States is the most violent nation in the world or how more gun ownership will actually helps make us less violent, the gun-control debate has moved well past statistics and into much deeper matters of family, morality, and political culture. [Read more...]

The Biblical and Natural Right of Self-Defense: Responding to Critics

It seems that neither Andrew Sullivan nor Zack Beauchamp at ThinkProgress much liked my post outlining a Biblical and natural-law argument for self-defense. [Read more...]

When There Are No Answers

Yesterday, National Review Online asked me to contribute a short piece in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  In the face of such horror, what can we say?  I was reminded of Job — the loss of his children, his questions to God, and God’s difficult response: [Read more...]

Don’t Tell Me How to Defend My Family

As a conservative, I’m going to admit to a guilty pleasure — I love On Point with Tom Ashbrook, an NPR talk radio show based in Boston.  Ashbrook covers fascinating topics, draws excellent guests, and is an effective and fair interviewer.  This week Wade Goodwyn is filling in as host, and yesterday he focused on the gun control debate following the Aurora massacre.  One of his guests, Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign, kept making a demonstrably flawed argument: That civilian gun-owners would make mass shootings more dangerous.  In fact, civilian gun-owners have stopped mass shootings in their tracks. [Read more...]