Hillary Clinton: Former Presidents Do Not Have to Disclose Criminal Records to Employers

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Gosh it’s just so hard to pander. [Read more...]

Check out this Obituary: “In Lieu of Flowers, Please Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton”

I was reading a fascinating blog by Caleb Wilde (Confessions of a Funeral Director) and came across this amazing obituary of a New Jersey woman.

(I hope she had lots and lots of friends):


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Guess Who Started the Rumors about Obama Being a Muslim? Hillary Clinton

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Interesting conversation on Morning Joe.  According to NRO: [Read more...]

Hillary Dares Speak to Sexual Assault Victims After Ridiculing Bill’s Victims for 30 Years


Wow.  In a new ad called, “Hillary’s Message to Survivors of Sexual Assault,” Hillary Clinton speaks directly to victims of sexual assault: [Read more...]

‘Hillary’ replaces ‘Jesus’ in campaign rally song

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Well, this is… odd. [Read more...]