A gay man ran into Kim Davis in an airplane – here’s what happened


Selfie by Ben Mann

Frequently, people just aren’t as bad as the media makes them out to be. [Read more…]

Disney Introduces Lesbian Parents in Upcoming “Good Luck Charlie” Episode

Andrew Johnson on NRO reports:

The Disney Channel introduced the first same-sex couple in the network’s history, on a recent episode of its hit show Good Luck Charlie. [Read more…]

Gospel Singer Cut From MLK Event Over Gay Rights

I think we’re going to be hearing more and more stories like this. [Read more…]

Parents: ParaNorman Introduces Children to Homosexuality

Spoiler Alert

When we lived in Philadelphia, one of my daughter’s acquaintances was being raised by two women in a lesbian relationship. My friend explained the girl had two mothers and – essentially – two fathers, due to the circumstances surrounding the insemination. It was a bit much for my kindergartner to properly process, so I didn’t address the issue with my daughter. After all, I wasn’t going to tell her that “all families are the same” which was the message the public schools in Philadelphia were pushing. Instead my family’s Christian faith informs how we view sex, marriage, and parenthood, so I figured I’d answer questions only as they came up. At the time, I wasn’t ready to talk to her about heterosexual romance and definitely wasn’t ready to explain our position on homosexual relationships.   [Read more…]

Relax, Evangelical Voters, Mitt’s Not Going to Mess With the Boy Scouts

Yesterday morning, I got a flurry of emails about Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul reaffirming that Mitt supported the right of Boy Scouts to define their own membership policies but also would apparently prefer that the Scouts allow gay scoutmasters.   [Read more…]