After Twelve Years, We Still Don’t Understand Our Enemy

In late May 2008, when I was home on mid-tour leave from Iraq, I distinctly remember a conversation with dear friends about the things I had seen in the first half of my deployment. [Read more…]

Delayed Effects of Deployment

‘I want to join the Army,” my husband said. [Read more…]

The Good We Did

March and April of 2008 were the worst two months of my life. [Read more…]

“Targeter-in-Chief” (Why the Drone Arguments Miss the Mark)

The drone image was grainy, but clear enough to make out roughly 20 military-age males lounging around in a courtyard. [Read more…]

Giving Thanks for a Daughter — And a Band of Brothers

Early Thanksgiving morning, November 22, 2007

This morning, NRO ran a symposium asking its contributors what they’re thankful for culturally or politically even in this disappointing year.  My contribution is below: [Read more…]