Booted Bachelor Sean Lowe: My Faith in Christ Got Me Through Heartbreak Over Emily

By now we all know that Jef Holm says he is “not a practicing Mormon.”  But what about Sean Lowe, the recently eliminated contestant from The Bachelorette?  Well, he recently gave an interview with Going Beyond Ministries and spoke openly about his religion after being (surprisingly?) sent home by Emily Maynard[Read more…]

Jef Holm Quotes Book of Mormon on The Bachelorette, Refuses Overnight Date

“One F Jef” Holm on The Bachelorette may claim not to be “half Mormon” or even “full Mormon,” but he certainly can quote the Book of Mormon. [Read more…]

How “The Bachelorette” is like Socialism

When The Bachelor debuted on ABC, Kathryn Lopez on National Review wrote about the new show: [Read more…]

Will “The Mormon Bachelor” Create More Marriages than ABC’s?

Does religion play a role in the type of person you date? [Read more…]

Religion on The Bachelorette: Just Under the Surface

By now French Revolution readers know that I suffer from a malady – an addiction to the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  Judge not!  I know you have your secret television loves too.

The show is fascinating for a million reasons, including one reason common to many reality shows – because the producers work with “real people,” reality television is hardly a religion-free zone. [Read more…]