Dear Mormon Friends, It’s Time to Go “All-In” for Mitt

Well, we’ve encouraged evangelicals to support Gov. Romney since 2005. [Read more…]

Silly Commentary on Mitt, Money, and Mormonism in the Washington Post

Given that the Olympics are looming, I think I’m going to use a medal system to rate the silly Mainstream Media commentary directed at Mitt’s faith.  A gold goes to epic displays of bigotry and ignorance, a silver to mild malice and moderate ignorance, while mere garden-variety ignorance earns a bronze.  This weekend the Washington Post delivered a classic silver-medal effort with Lisa Miller’s column entitled “Can Romney reconcile his wealth and his faith?” [Read more…]

Can the “Mormon Way” Beat the “Chicago Way”?

“Why haven’t you converted to Mormonism yet, Dave,” my LDS friend asked me just as Nancy and I launched Evangelicals for Mitt, “We’re the Spartans of American religious institutions . . . We’re overflowing with highly patriotic and dedicated people, [and] the church was born, raised, and put through the refiner’s fire right here on American soil.” He went on to extol the unique combination of [Read more…]