Zootopia shows dessert store refusing “certain” customers: what you need to know about its subversive politics

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I knew Zootopia was a different type of movie when a fox and his son walk into a dessert shop and are promptly told that the owner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  Especially, in this case, foxes. The movie is set in “Zootopia,” a modern city where predator and prey gets along in spite of their differences, after years of evolving has enabled them to live together in spite of their obvious differences.  Pretty much. [Read more…]

Two New Kids Movies Have Interesting — and Sometimes Troubling — Subtexts

By now, conservative parents know they have to be on guard when their children graduate from high school and go to colleges full of hedonism and liberal professors eager to indoctrinate students with leftist ideology. [Read more…]

Conservatives’ Terrifying Message

If you had told me the day before the election that Mitt Romney would win independents by five, convincingly win among all voters making more than $50,000 per year, and that evangelicals would vote for Mitt by wider margins than they did for even George W. Bush, I would have assumed he’d be on the path to victory.  [Read more…]