Porn App Secretly Took Pics of Users – How to Deal with the Constant Threat of Exposure


Android users thought they were downloading a porn app, but it was really a blackmail app. While delivering porn, the app secretly took photos of the users with the forward-facing camera, froze their screens with the newly taken photos, and demanded $500 for blackmail.  If they didn’t cough up the money, the photos of them using porn would be released to the public. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton: Republicans Who Want to Defund Planned Parenthood Are Like ‘Terrorist Groups’

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.28.21 AM

It’s almost like a Saturday Night Live skit in it’s preposterousness, but it’s just not funny. [Read more…]

Wendy Davis: When the Truth is Not Enough

“Where were you born?” [Read more…]

Another Hate-Crime Hoax? The Left Tells Stories Too Bad to be True

We thought we knew this tragic story. [Read more…]

How Should Parents Respond to “Santa Truthers?”

If you’re teaching your kids about Santa, you’re afraid that your children will meet one of those kids in school or on the playground. You know the kind: the ones who purposefully burst the holiday bubble by telling everyone Santa is a myth or a conspiracy theory.

On the flip side, if you’re not raising kids who believe in the big fat man with the red suit, you fear your kids will be the one to ruin it for the rest of the class.

How should parents deal with this delicate issue? Here are three parental responses. What are yours?