How Progressives Are “Hillbilly Shaming” Kim Davis


Over on the Patheos blog, “Love, Joy, Feminism,” Libby Anne makes some great points about the imprisoned Kentucky clerk Kim Davis who refused to sign same sex marriage certificates.   Even though Libby Anne believes Davis is a bigot (while I believe she her actions are justified and necessary), she doesn’t like the way some progressives have chosen to criticize Davis. The above carton, she points out, is particularly rude: [Read more…]

She Got Pregnant at 42

My friend Nancy Bailey was published in Ladies Home Journal, with this touching article about how she felt when she realized she was — unexpectedly — pregnant: [Read more…]

Dave Ramsey’s New Financial Peace University: What Will It Take to Get Your Family Financially Right Again?

On July 17th, Dave Ramsey’s new, revamped Financial Peace University will be available for those who need to learn how to handle their money in these tough times.  He helped me survived my husband’s deployment.  Could it help you?

[Read more…]

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Shawn Johnson Video about “A Winning Balance”

As many of you know, I am honored to have helped 2008 U.S. Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson write her memoirs.  [Read more…]

What this White Mom Did with her Black Daughter’s Hair Today

As I’ve mention many many times, it’s sometimes hard for this white woman to figure out the vagaries of African American hairstyles.  When our daughter Naomi lived in Ethiopia, her hair was shaved close to her head.  Obviously, the orphanage made sure the kids were fed, not necessarily well-coiffed. Here’s Naomi at 2 years of age in the orphanage:

Would you believe that child, two and a half years later, is this child?

Well, many of you know, I’m learning to do Naomi’s hair.  Yesterday, at the shooting range, I let her hair “be free.”  She loved it, but the style is not protective enough for the rigors of summer.

Today, this is what we did:

Check out the criss cross pattern in the back:

You can see, I haven’t adorned her head with bows yet and the styling product is still wet.  However, I was very pleased with the result!

And I have a very important announcement pertaining to the continuing hair saga.  The last hair style I did lasted one month.  Though I know it wasn’t perfect, I was proud of myself for hitting that milestone.  In fact, this is the hairstyle, which even survive this day at the sandy park…  barely:

Thanks for all the encouragement, friends.  And an especially big thank you to Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care — the website with  all white mothers need to know to take care of their beautiful black children.

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