Christian Trump supporters should repent of the way they treated Mitt Romney in 2012

Two elections ago, my husband, three friends, and I created an organization called “Evangelicals for Mitt” which dealt with the “religion issue” that invariably came with promoting a Mormon candidate.  We talked about how Christians could — in good conscience — support Gov. Romney, by dissecting every imaginable theological implication. We used the Bible.  We used history.  We prayed.  We had discussions at church with people who thought we were theologically misguided for supporting Mitt over more evangelical options. [Read more…]

Mitt Romney Vs. Evander Holyfield

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One of the weirder sentences I’ll ever write:  Mitt Romney is going to fight Evander Holyfield: [Read more…]

5 Words That Show the Corruption, Deception, and Futility of American Politics

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There are moments in politics that simply cause you to stop in utter confusion. [Read more…]

Mitt Romney, an Appreciation


Watch Mitt Romney Dance Gangnam Style

Yes, you read that correctly. [Read more…]