The Chris Matthews Melt Down

Before the debate, Camille and I prayed that even President Obama’s biggest supporters would be flummoxed in their debate analysis and would have to concede that Romney won. [Read more...]

The Mitt Romney Rout

These liberal tweets say it all (hat tip, Eliana Johnson).  It was a rout.  In my pre-debate, post-debate assessment I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I said that Mitt would win, but it would be close.  It was a rout.  I said that Obama would be eloquent on defense.  He was petulant and irritable.  I said the debate wouldn’t be sufficiently substantive.  It was almost all substance.  Finally, I said the debate wouldn’t move the polling needle, but the snap polls are very promising.

I’ve never been more happy to be wrong. [Read more...]

Obama the Glum, Romney the Commander

Chris Cillizza has his initial take on tonight. [Read more...]

My Pre-Debate, Post-Debate Assessment

I’m not worried about tonight’s debate — not because I don’t understand the stakes or because I’m overconfident regarding Mitt’s performance, but because I feel like I already know what will happen.  For those who can’t watch tonight or have to go to sleep early, here’s my pre-debte, post-debate assessment. [Read more...]

I Won’t Back Down from Civil Rights… or from Teachers’ Unions

Parents Magazine published my newest article today: [Read more...]