My Pre-Debate, Post-Debate Assessment

I’m not worried about tonight’s debate — not because I don’t understand the stakes or because I’m overconfident regarding Mitt’s performance, but because I feel like I already know what will happen.  For those who can’t watch tonight or have to go to sleep early, here’s my pre-debte, post-debate assessment. [Read more…]

I Won’t Back Down from Civil Rights… or from Teachers’ Unions

Parents Magazine published my newest article today: [Read more…]

Evangelicals Support Mitt. Really.

The most succinct and encouraging two lines in the news this week belongs to Tobin Grant of Christianity Today. [Read more…]

Homer Simpson Votes for Mitt Romney

Those looking for good news in the political world, look no further….  because, there’s this. [Read more…]

Houston, We Have a Dependency Problem

America has a dependency problem, and no amount of outrage at Mitt Romney’s alleged gaffe can change that fact.   [Read more…]