Ann Romney’s Most Embarrassing Moment: George Bush in a Towel

The Clicker on Today has this hilarious nugget from a recent Kelly Ripa interview with Mitt and Ann Romney. [Read more…]

The Marriage Gap: Married People Support Romney, Singles Support Obama

Hello, are you married? [Read more…]

Top Six Newspaper Headlines if Barack Obama Were Republican


This morning — stunned that our president was raising money in Vegas and prepping for a party with Beyonce while our embassies burn — I asked myself: “What if Barack Obama were a Republican?  How would the media cover these last few days?”  After living through eight years of coverage of the Bush administration, it’s not hard to guess.   [Read more…]

Obama… Oy Vey! Only Romney Stands with Israel

On the heels of the DNC debacle where Democratic delegates “booed” God and Jerusalem, I (an Evangelical for Mitt)  — along with my colleague Orit Sklar (possibly the first “Jew for Mitt”) — traveled to sunny south Florida to remind Jewish voters that Mitt Romney stands with Israel while sadly, President Obama does not.  [Read more…]

A Letter from Hal and Corinne Prewitt, the New Owners of Romney’s House


Those interested in my story, “What Mitt Romney Left Behind: The People Who Bought His House Tell Their Story,” might be interested in a comment left below it. [Read more…]