Steve Carell is a Father/Mommy, aka “Fommy” (and Other Problems with Parental Names)


Steve Carell is a “fommy.” [Read more...]

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Major Philosophical Flaw: Overestimating Her Significance

I finally read Anne-Marie Slaughter’s much-discussed article declaring that “women still can’t have it all.” [Read more...]

Rejecting her Mother’s Feminism

Rebecca Walker is the daughter of Alice Walker, the feminist author of The Color Purple. Apparently, growing up as the daughter of a radical is not as fun as sounds. Her mom always taught her motherhood was a form of servitude and slavery, probably making Mother’s Day aw-kward! [Read more...]

Ann Romney Reflecting on Motherhood

Every mother is told at the grocery store by a well-meaning older woman, “Enjoy these years.  They are fleeting.” Usually the younger mom has to scrape the gum off her face, stuff the toddler back into the grocery cart, and dodge the grapes that the youngest might be flailing from an unknown location, to muster out a “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.”

But now that my kids are thirteen, eleven, and four, I think I’m beginning to really understand what they’re talking about.  At dinner, every time I set out five plates, it warms my heart.  (Okay, not every time.  But close to it.)

That’s why I was intrigued to hear Ann Romney talk about a similar sensation, with her five boys.  (Make that six?)


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You Can’t Win for Losing

Many of you saw the article I wrote for National Review titled “The NYT Wants Men to be Women” in which I discuss how mothers of young (presumably nursing) children just physically cannot easily leave their kids at home to pursue careers.

We give birth and have breasts that nourish, and it’s not men’s fault.  Anyway, I got a lot of hate mail over that one, from women who work who seem to think I was saying that women should never work. (This, in spite of the fact that I am a professional writer.  I know, I know, it’s not nine to five but — believe me — it’s work.)

So today I was surprised to get an e-mail from someone who found me through the recent Politico article.

Nancy, Unless your children are young adults (like my 23 year old son) you left them to go to live in Alaska for a month. I am a liberal woman, and I never never never would have left my son, and I do have a husband/father of said son. NEVER NEVER NEVER would I put work ahead of my child. You did and shame on you.

A friend who saw this note e-mailed me, “Well, you can’t win for losing.”