Mitt the Movie: Is it Too Late to Rewrite History?

Out of touch. Elite. Mormon. Flip-flopper. [Read more…]

Two New Kids Movies Have Interesting — and Sometimes Troubling — Subtexts

By now, conservative parents know they have to be on guard when their children graduate from high school and go to colleges full of hedonism and liberal professors eager to indoctrinate students with leftist ideology. [Read more…]

The Parental “To Do List”

This summer’s movie The To Do List starring one of my favorite stars, Aubrey Plaza, was a huge disappointment. [Read more…]

Is Monsters University Left Wing Propaganda?

Like many of you, my husband and I packed up our three kids and headed to the movie theater this weekend to see the latest Pixar movie, a sequel to Monsters, Inc. called “Monsters University.” [Read more…]

Django Unchained: A Well-Acted Cinematic Atrocity

Simply put, Django Unchained is pathetic and vile. [Read more…]