A Video You Should Watch and Share: Mitt’s Convention Film

It’s marvelous. [Read more…]

Attacking Gabby Douglas’s Faith? Really?

It’s a sad commentary on modern life when I heard an exuberant 16-year-old thank God for the greatest success she might ever attain and immediately thought, “Someone’s going to attack her.” [Read more…]

Mitt Romney’s Supposed Olympic “Gaffe”

Like most of you, I sat down in front of the television last night to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. [Read more…]

Shawn Johnson Video about “A Winning Balance”

As many of you know, I am honored to have helped 2008 U.S. Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson write her memoirs.  [Read more…]

Book Giveaway: Shawn Johnson’s “A Winning Balance”

I had the honor of working with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson on her new memoir that came out this week: A Winning Balance: What I’ve Learned So Far about Love, Faith, and Living Your Dreams. [Read more…]