Cookie Battle: Not about Pride, About Taking Sides

Remember when big corporations were considered greedy? When Governor Romney’s “corporations are people too, my friend” line drew some laughs? Remember when corporations were the representatives of the dreaded 1 percent? [Read more…]

Coming Out of the Pantry: “Homo-snacks-uality”

Last week I lamented the politicization of a popular kids cookie, but The Colbert Report made my point in a much more humorous way. [Read more…]

Kraft Foods Gives Christian Customers Their Middle Finger

Oreos are the types of cookies that you never really want, but are good if you’re forced to eat them at Vacation Bible School or church potluck when the homemades cookies are gone.

But will churches like the new ad campaign by Kraft Foods, photoshopping Oreos to symbolize gay pride? [Read more…]