VIDEO: Rape Victim who asked Hillary about Bill’s past labeled a ‘heckler’ by MSM

clinton She’s at it again.  The Unquestionable Hillary Clinton shut down the New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien when she attempted to ask about allegations against Bill. [Read more…]

Obama’s Tears Were Real – Here’s Why They Matter

The internet exploded when President Obama, when speaking of ways to reduce gun violence, began to cry.  Yes, real tears ran down his face — and stayed there for several minutes as people watched, aghast. [Read more…]

New Yorkers can be fined $250 K for using wrong pronouns for transgenders

Bill de Blasio, the raging liberal mayor of New York City, is at it again — but this time his new legislation regarding transgender citizens infringes on constitutional rights and is flat out ridiculous.  [Read more…]

Trump Schools News Anchor for Calling Clinton’s Affair ‘Alleged’

In a short exchange with NBC host Savannah Guthrie, Donald Trump didn’t let a single comment slide — and good for him. [Read more…]

Single? Married? How Family Structure Affects How You Vote

Have you ever thought about how the way your family is structured might affect the way you vote on election day? [Read more…]