The GOP has the most diverse Presidential primary in history, but the NYT describes the party as THIS?

The Republican Party put forward the most diverse presidential primary field in history, and Sen. Ted Cruz became the first Hispanic in history to win a presidential primary – on either side of the proverbial political aisle. [Read more…]

Black man outside of Trump rally: “I voted for Obama twice and he broke my heart.”

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“I voted for Obama twice,” he said, “And he broke my heart.” [Read more…]

President Blames Guns/Minimizes Terrorism for the Racist Murders of the Reporter and Cameraman

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After the racist murders of the reporter and her cameraman on live broadcast, the President expressed his sympathy, blamed guns, and minimized terrorism — all in two sentences: [Read more…]

A Letter to Our African-American Daughter


Did you hear about the new collection of essays written by Ta-Nehisi Coates called Between the World and Me.  It’s written in the form of letters to his teenage son. The book is a sensation in liberal circles but — sadly — it’s full of hate. [Read more…]

What Happened at the Mall Today with my Black Child – A White Mother’s Fear

At the mall at the Apple store, when Naomi found a "photo booth" function on a new desktop.

At the mall at the Apple store, when Naomi found a “photo booth” function on a new desktop.

Once, we were in the airport in DC, trying desperately to catch a flight for which we were running behind. As we were collecting our belongings from security, we handed Naomi – our daughter from Ethiopia – to Austin and instructed him to hold her off to the side. [Read more…]