What Happened at the Mall Today with my Black Child – A White Mother’s Fear

At the mall at the Apple store, when Naomi found a "photo booth" function on a new desktop.

At the mall at the Apple store, when Naomi found a “photo booth” function on a new desktop.

Once, we were in the airport in DC, trying desperately to catch a flight for which we were running behind. As we were collecting our belongings from security, we handed Naomi – our daughter from Ethiopia – to Austin and instructed him to hold her off to the side. [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 9: Three Racial Moments with Naomi

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One advantage of being on a cruise that lasts this long – 15 nights! – is that you really spend time with your family. I mean, really. Like, you can’t get away from them. They’re right here with me. All. The. Time. [Read more...]

How to Live a Life of Privilege

Today I’ll be speaking at the graduation for a Christian home-school group here in Tennessee. [Read more...]

A Comment This White Mother Appreciated about Her Black Daughter’s Hair

If you’ve been reading this blog long, you’ve been on my hair journey with me and my daughter (who originated from Ethiopia) as we’ve laughed and cried our way through this new and daunting experience.   [Read more...]

What MSNBC’s Mockery of Romney’s Black Grandson Means

Every time MSNBC beclowns itself with absurd conservative hate, NRO should repost Charles C. W. Cooke’s excellent takedown, “MSNBC’s Alternative Universe.” [Read more...]