Black man outside of Trump rally: “I voted for Obama twice and he broke my heart.”

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“I voted for Obama twice,” he said, “And he broke my heart.” [Read more...]

President Blames Guns/Minimizes Terrorism for the Racist Murders of the Reporter and Cameraman

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After the racist murders of the reporter and her cameraman on live broadcast, the President expressed his sympathy, blamed guns, and minimized terrorism — all in two sentences: [Read more...]

A Letter to Our African-American Daughter


Did you hear about the new collection of essays written by Ta-Nehisi Coates called Between the World and Me.  It’s written in the form of letters to his teenage son. The book is a sensation in liberal circles but — sadly – it’s full of hate. [Read more...]

What Happened at the Mall Today with my Black Child – A White Mother’s Fear

At the mall at the Apple store, when Naomi found a "photo booth" function on a new desktop.

At the mall at the Apple store, when Naomi found a “photo booth” function on a new desktop.

Once, we were in the airport in DC, trying desperately to catch a flight for which we were running behind. As we were collecting our belongings from security, we handed Naomi – our daughter from Ethiopia – to Austin and instructed him to hold her off to the side. [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 9: Three Racial Moments with Naomi

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One advantage of being on a cruise that lasts this long – 15 nights! – is that you really spend time with your family. I mean, really. Like, you can’t get away from them. They’re right here with me. All. The. Time. [Read more...]