Rare Glimpse of True Love: Last Season of The Office

I’ve faithfully watched The Office, through thick and thin, over all the seasons of cringe-inducing silliness and fun. [Read more…]

“Does It Bother You that the Pope is Jewish?”

Fellow Patheos blogger Tim Suttle posted this funny Jimmy Kimmel clip. [Read more…]

Your Questions About Mitt, Life, and Religion — Answered!

In August I sat down with the good folks at Life Report to answer, well, about a million questions (give or take) about Mitt Romney.  The report is now up, and if you’ve ever questioned Mitt’s commitment to life or asked the “religion question,” I invite you to watch (Warning — I’m less telegenic than Nancy). [Read more…]

Paul Ryan is no Randian

As part of phase 1 of the Left’s plan to define then destroy Paul Ryan, we’re now being treated to article after article after article detailing Ryan’s alleged devotion to Ayn Rand.   [Read more…]

Why Doesn’t Emily Propose on The Bachelorette, Instead of the Other Way Around?

In this season of The Bachelorette, it’s obvious who has the power. [Read more…]