Surprising Reason Why Nancy Reagan Kicked Kirk Douglas’s Son Out of Her House During a Playdate

Recently, Americans have mourned and remembered one of our most beloved First Ladies, Nancy Reagan.  One of my favorite stories came from Kirk Douglas, the classic Hollywood actor and father of Michael Douglas. When I saw he had written a remembrance of his longtime friend Nancy Reagan, I perked up. Kirk Douglas has been one of THOSE very outspoken Hollywood liberal Democrats for decades. [Read more…]

“Pawn Star” Rick Harrison’s endorsement of GOP Presidential candidate hampers career… He doesn’t care!

Television personality, Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, has announced his endorsement for the 2016 presidential race and his choice is not who many of his colleagues in Hollywood would have guessed.  [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood Videos: Why A Lifelong Democrat Went Independent

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.44.21 PM

by Jennifer James McCollum  

So say goodbye it’s Independence Day
It’s Independence Day, All down the line

— Springsteen

I live in Oklahoma where every autumn the football rivalry between the state’s two largest universities is as reliable as sorority girls tweeting pictures of their pumpkin spice cappuccinos. Competition wafts its way into every broadcast, every neighborhood bar and grill, local blogs and pulpits.  Occasionally, it even seeps into families with members with opposing loyalties.

Up and down the streets of my city (and I suspect your city, too), house-divided flags billow from porches and pickups. Two school emblems sewn together waving across the plains. Marriage and kinship joined together despite competing values. Let no man put asunder.

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Cookie Battle: Not about Pride, About Taking Sides

Remember when big corporations were considered greedy? When Governor Romney’s “corporations are people too, my friend” line drew some laughs? Remember when corporations were the representatives of the dreaded 1 percent? [Read more…]