Hilarious SNL Starbucks Parody Makes Fun of Their New At-Home Coffee System

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When I was in New York with my 16 year old daughter a few of months ago, I jumped into the Starbucks in Times Square and got some coffee to warm me up.  She ordered milk. [Read more…]

Saturday Night Live Mocks ObamaCare Rollout

You know if Saturday Night Live is making fun of the President, he’s in real trouble: [Read more…]

Saturday Night Live Spoofs the VP Debate

As I was watching the VP debate, I was wondering what Saturday Night Live would do with Vice President Biden’s near hysterical laughter. [Read more…]

Saturday Night Live Skewers Obama’s Debate Performance

Via National Review, here’s what SNL did with the debate last week. [Read more…]

Big Bird Tells Political Joke on Saturday Night Live

Big Bird has become a part of the national political conversation. [Read more…]