Yes, There is Evidence God Exists

On an October day in 1995, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. I’d been sick for several weeks, with stomach pain so severe and debilitating that I was certain I was suffering from a food-borne illness like E. Coli.  I’d lost almost 20 pounds, I was unable to eat, and I hadn’t been to work in almost two full weeks.  After extensive (and intrusive) testing, my doctor delivered the news. Ulcerative colitis. [Read more…]

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How do We Properly Consider Science and History While Interpreting Scripture?

Spurred by some thoughtful posts from Peter Enns, I’ve been spending a great deal of time thinking through issues that have vexed me from the first moments that I opened my own Bible and read it through, from cover to cover.  [Read more…]

The Science Behind Spiderman: Is He Possible?

For those of you headed to the theater to enjoy The Amazing Spiderman, you might enjoy this video explaining the science behind the superhero. [Read more…]