Houston, We Have a Dependency Problem

America has a dependency problem, and no amount of outrage at Mitt Romney’s alleged gaffe can change that fact.   [Read more…]

Top 10 Public Controversies that Don’t Cost 825,000 Innocent Lives Per Year


Some of my sophisticated progressive Christian friends are rather fond of mocking simple folks like myself as “single-issue voters.”   [Read more…]

Mormons, Yankees, and Three Observations About Generosity

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has released a comparison of the giving rates of all 366 major metropolitan areas.  I won’t paste the whole chart, but I would direct your attention to the top 25 areas and the bottom 25.  First, here’s the top 25: [Read more…]

“Is the God of Calvinism a Moral Monster?”

That’s the title of an interesting and thought-provoking post by Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition.  Justin embedded a video interview left on the cutting-room-floor of the forthcoming documentary Hellbound.  In the video (embedded below), Justin grapples with a question I often receive — is a God who only saves some of His children a moral monster? [Read more…]

Paul Ryan is no Randian

As part of phase 1 of the Left’s plan to define then destroy Paul Ryan, we’re now being treated to article after article after article detailing Ryan’s alleged devotion to Ayn Rand.   [Read more…]