Star Wars is Fun Again


Some things — like New Coke — should never have happened.  My husband David French puts the plodding Star Wars prequels into that category.  However, he unabashedly loves the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Here’s what he wrote on National Review about the movie he encourages people to see. [Read more…]

Star Wars Flash Mob

On October 1st, a radio orchestra mingled with unsuspecting crowds on Cologne Wallrafplatz and surprised them with well-known tones from a galaxy far, far away. [Read more…]

Man Battles Goose With a Light Saber

Okay, with a headline like that, you have to watch.  Here’s the set up: some co-workers apparently were watching from their office window as a goose-with-attitude chases off a pedestrian.   Someone had the brilliant idea to digitally add in some light sabers, which made the altercation even more amusing. Watch this: [Read more…]