Emotional Video: This Social Media Star is Quitting Social Media and Re-Labeling Her Photos… Truthfully This Time

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.01.40 AM‘ Essena O’Neill, a social media star with over half a million followers on Instagram alone, has decided to call it quits.  The teen took to YouTube this week to announce that she has deleted 2,000 Instagram photos last week and renamed her account “Social Media Is Not Real Life.”  Essena also recaptioned the photos she did leave on her account to reflect what it actually took to get the “perfect” shot. [Read more…]

Liberals Tell Rashida Jones: Shut Up about Modesty!

“Parks and Recreation” star Rashida Jones has had it. [Read more…]

Mitt Romney’s Adopted Grandchild Causes Venomous Twitter Reaction

Last week, I wrote about a strange phenomenon we experienced firsthand after adopting our daughter from Ethiopia: Liberals think adoption is great, unless white, Christian, Republicans are the ones doing it. [Read more…]

Office Depot, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Not Tweeting “Tolerance”

Last week I stirred up a few of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” by pointing out Office Depot partnered with the singer’s “Born This Way Foundation,” which equates sexual self-indulgence with virtue, encourages support of gay marriage, transgendered surgery, and more. [Read more…]