Americans surprised at these 3 paragraphs of NY Times’ Nancy Reagan obit

As if you needed more proof that the “war on women” is, contrary to popular belief, being waged by liberals.  Check out these three of the first paragraphs of the New York Times obituary of First Lady Nancy Reagan: [Read more…]

Silly Commentary on Mitt, Money, and Mormonism in the Washington Post

Given that the Olympics are looming, I think I’m going to use a medal system to rate the silly Mainstream Media commentary directed at Mitt’s faith.  A gold goes to epic displays of bigotry and ignorance, a silver to mild malice and moderate ignorance, while mere garden-variety ignorance earns a bronze.  This weekend the Washington Post delivered a classic silver-medal effort with Lisa Miller’s column entitled “Can Romney reconcile his wealth and his faith?” [Read more…]