The new site is up. But undoubtedly, there are 3289432 bugs. Please let me know if you see any. How, you ask?

By commenting! (At least that function should be working…)

A real update on the weekend will be here sometime tonight.

RSS feeds coming shortly as well.

  • Helen

    Hi Hemant!

    Hey, it’s great that you’ve set up a site that takes comments again.

    I missed not being able to comment on your blog entries.

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts about the weekend.

  • Marty

    Hi Hemant – what a fabulous job you and Tim did over the weekend – you were both awesome. I am looking forward to hearing about how the weekend experience was for you and Tim – and hope that the video will get national coverage – i.e. on PBS.

    What are your or Jim’s plans for the experience through the completion of your agreement with Jim. Are either or both of you going to write a book on this experience? Where are you headed with you own plans as the Friendly Atheist?

  • HumanistPR

    Hey Hemant,

    I’m glad to see your site allows comments too! Following your experience from ebay to friendly atheist has been a real trip.

    Did you ever get a chance to hear the Humanist Network News podcast about how Larry Jones went undercover as an atheist for four years with the Christian Coalition?

    It kind of reminded me of what you did. He was stealthy about it, whereas you were totally out in the open, but his intentions were similar to yours. He really wanted to see how the other side worked–especially since they regarded people with his worldview as the enemy.

    Have you heard of any Christians or other religious adherents who have spent a considerable amount of time observing atheist groups?

  • Hemant

    I did listen to the HNN podcast with Larry Jones. What an interesting story! (Everyone, go listen.) And the question you raise at the end is a great one. I’ll make it a real post next week. I’d love it if there were some good stories. Personally, I don’t know of anyone who has done that, but I’m sure someone has…

  • Peter

    Hi Hemant, one of my friends saw you at the conference over the weekend and she told me to come take a look! We both agreed, the world needs all the friendly atheists it can get these days, to push all the grumpy vitriolic stereotypes firmly into the background where they belong. I help run the Brights forum (as ProfMoriarty) and we’ve been very much trying to get this friendly image across as well. I hope your site here really takes off – good luck!