Church Activities for Children

I was at a church this morning (for a separate project)… and inside the book of hymnals near my seat, I found this activity pamphlet for children. Page one is below.

It took me a while, and I had to ask for some help, but I think I finally figured it out…

Church Kids

Oh, will the challenges never cease?!

Clearly, there’s a subliminal message here: There is only one true path to God.

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  • Ben Helton


    That’s a cartoon portraying Jesus Christ. I am highly offended you would put blasphemy such as that on a reputable website! Oh, wait…..nevermind.

  • Hemant

    I have yet to see a cartoon of a smiliing Muhammed…

    (and this is a reputable website!)

  • Susan Thomas

    I was surfing through various blogs/links and found your site. I admit that the cartoon is a tad simplistic. My three-year old would like it, though.

    I have posted on my site a list of ten theoretical statements Christians and Atheists can agree on–(though they ‘can’, not all of them ‘will’). I would love it if you would check them out and provide feedback. So far I’ve had a Jewish gentleman comment but since it’s primarily for atheists, I’d like to have someone of that leaning make some observations, too.
    Thanks! Susan

  • Susan Thomas

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response on my site. I truly appreciate hearing your point of view. I posted a response. Perhaps you’ll get a chance to drop back by sometime.

  • Klara@Luxusuhren Ankauf

     Great cartoon. I really like your webpage and your engagement a lot!