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Monday night, Stephen Colbert ran down his Threatdown list on the Colbert Report. #5 on the list? Camp Quest, the atheist summer camp.

He said:

“I’m talking about Camp Quest, a network of summer camps dedicated to sunny day fun from a strict atheist and agnostic perspective. As their catch phrase says, “It’s beyond belief!” Though Camp Quest provides regular camp activities like hiking and horseback riding, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, children also, “learn about the canons of rational thought, critical thinking and scientific inquiry.” And in one activity, “[Campers] must try to prove that invisible unicorns, as a metaphor for God, don’t exist.” The campers are also given other untenable philosophical challenges like proving tetherball is fun. Well, Camp Quest, here’s another activity: How about canoeing on a lake of hellfire for all eternity [Graphic of campers canoeing on lake of hellfire]. Sleep tight kids!”

Of course, this is Colbert and he’s joking. But it was nice to see Camp Quest mentioned on his show. Several friends of mine have worked as counselors there and a couple now even run the organization. It’s one of the few places atheist parents can send their children to learn what it means to be non-religious.

The Cincinnati Enquirer article that Colbert cited is here.

Video of Monday’s Threatdown is here. (Sit through the 30 seconds of ads.)

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  • Devika Keral

    Hemant, I really enjoy your blog. You mentioned in a previous post that you were updating your site. Have you done so already? Can you Please crop the tangled mess of a power strip out of your picture at the top of your site? It’s really distracting.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Karen

    Colbert has also been hysterical commenting on the Rapture Ready crowd recently. He’s even hawking “Welcome Jesus” T-shirts for ringing in the apocalypse. ;-)

  • Mike C

    Yeah, given his satirical style, a “negative” mention from Colbert is pretty much a compliment. I saw that episdoe too. It was great. I was hoping you had seen it.

  • HappyNat

    Anyone see the Daily Show last night? The reporters figured out god was a practical joker because he promised the holy land to the Jews, Muslims, and Christians. They called him a “three-timer”, I’ve been looking for the clip and will post it if I find it. Good stuff.

  • Hemant

    Devika- I never even noticed the power strip until you mentioned it… but the logo was due for a change. Hope the new one’s a little better!

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  • adam

    I guess now they have to move their camp because of the media attention. The good christians don’t want to be linked to *GASP* non-believers.