Leadership, a “practical journal for church leaders,” did a very nice story on the eBay auction.  It’s in the Summer 2006 issue.  Read it by clicking on the image (if the image is too small, click the “expand” icon on the bottom right):


Christians have such cool names for magazines…


What do atheists have?

Skeptical Inquirer. Free Inquiry. The Humanist. Skeptic

Forget content.  We have wonderful content.  I’m just looking at the names.  They lack oomph! We need to start using some of these inspiring-one-word-you-can’t-tell-what-we-are-without-reading-us-but-we-sound-really-hip nouns.  Where is “Spark!” the magazine for young atheists…?


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  • Marty

    Hemant – I could not read the article. I tried to find it on their website and couldn’t find it. Can you help with a link or a readable reproduction?

  • http://www.friendlyatheist.com Hemant

    Marty– It’s working for me and a couple others… (on IE, Mozilla, and Netscape). Try clicking again on the image itself and then magnifying it by moving the mouse to the bottom right corner of the image and clicking on the “expand” icon…

  • Karen

    Very nicely written piece.

  • http://www.conversationattheedge.com/ Helen aka Ir

    Yes, that was a very positive article!

    It doesn’t seem to be online, Marty, except Hemant’s copy of it. I could read it when I clicked ‘expand’.

  • Marty

    Thanx – that worked fine. Great article Hemant.

    I noted in looking through that website there are lots of articles by Brian McLaren – that then include blogging about his article.

  • jim

    I agree Hemant

    Focus on the promise of skepticism of atheism
    What are the upsides
    How does it make you feel

    People do what they feel not what they think

    Read Fast Company magazine for the very best in ideas

  • Siamang

    sounds like a contest in the making.

    Possible Christian magazine names:

    The Quiet Voice.

    Joke names for skeptical magazines:

    The Steadfast Skeptical Skeptic’s Inquiry.

  • Julie Marie

    Siamang you crack me up.

  • Julie Marie

    nice writeup, Hemant.

  • http://www.secularstudents.org Alison

    I was talking with August, and he brought up that the name for the Leninist publication that set off the Bolshivick revolution was called ‘Spark.’ How about Helio? It’s science friendly, and upbeat. August and I also think that the winning name could become the new title of the SSA eNews! Keep those ideas coming people!

  • Devika

    the new photo looks great, Hemant! You take feedback really well :-)

    I think “Spark” is a great name for an atheist publication.

  • jim

    I like Hello the best