Book cover

That’s a book cover.  Which means… there is a book coming out! 

“I Sold My Soul on eBay” is currently slated for release April 17, 2007.

What is the book about?  I detail my journey from Jainism to atheism and explain what I find as I visit churches across the country.  These churches are in small towns and large cities.  Some you’ve never heard of and others you see on TV every week.  (Well, at least I watch them on TV…)

The questions that are answered include: What does an atheist find as he goes to the different types of churches?  What can a church do to bring in people who are non-believers?  What exactly is Jainism?  And many more!

The book can be pre-ordered through the websites below:


Random House

There will be more information on this in the coming months, but I’m glad I can announce it here first.


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