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Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr. is the Democrat running for the Senate seat currently held by Bill Frist, who will retire after the midterm elections. He’s running against Republican Bob Corker. Ford’s latest campaign ad takes place inside of a church. Does this blur the line of separation of church and state? Or is it just Ford [Read More…]

Speaking in Wisconsin

Next Saturday, October 7th, I will be speaking about the eBay auction and the upcoming book at the meeting of the Southeast Wisconsin FreeThinkers (SWiFT). If you’re reading this, and live nearby, I hope you can make it! More information can be found here: [tags]atheist, eBay, Hemant Mehta, Southeast Wisconsin FreeThinkers[/tags] [Read more…]

Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris

I had 7 minutes to spare last weekend, so I stopped by a bookstore and read Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. It’s a great introduction to the atheist world for anyone who knows nothing about it. For those who understand the basics (like what State-Church separation is or why atheists feel the [Read More…]


Heather Mallick is my favorite person tonight.  Mostly because she sounds so perfectly Canadian.  This is a “viewpoint” article from CBC news, entitled “Atheists Don’t Get It“: May I ask for a moment of silence? Consider the plight of the old-fashioned, bewildered atheist in these times where religion is the new black, so to speak. [Read More…]


Joe Heller of the Green Bay Press-Gazette had a good one this week: [tags]Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette[/tags] [Read more…]