Dead Atheists

Now, normally I’m against dead atheists. But Dane Cook’s version of what could happen to the atheist who tried to start a theological debate with him amused me greatly. (I know what you’re thinking: An atheist starting a theological debate? Never!)

Watch the clip here. The relevant part begins at the 4:15 mark. The setup: A guy sneezed and Dane said, “God bless you”…

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  • Helen aka Ir

    I enjoyed that clip!

    Have you seen Dane Cook talking about Catholic Mass?

  • Krystalline Apostate

    That was fairly amusing. A tad apocryphal, but amusing.
    I think he embellished the story quite a bit.
    I imagine there are rude atheists out there, but I haven’t met any.

  • HappyNat

    I tried again and just don’t find Dane Cook funny. What I found interesting is that when Dane is talking about his beliefs he doesn’t seem to really believe everyone will be waiting for him in heaven, then he slams the other guys “silly” beliefs.