That’s Not a Textbook…

A school in St. Louis was giving away Bibles… to 5th graders. Now, they have to stop. Liberty Counsel (from the Jerry Falwell camp) defends the school and says it’s unconsitutional to stop the giveaway program.

Wonder what their stance would be if the school was handing out Korans… for that matter, the same group would probably claim that giving students a Science textbook is equivalent to the school promoting atheism.

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  • JustHis

    I think Bibles have been chosen because we are primarily a “Christian” country. Christian being used broadly here as there are many denominations that fall into that category. If we had ever been primarily a Muslim country, I suppose Korans would be used as they are in other countries where Muslim is the majority as far as religion practiced. I don’t see the harm in passing out Bibles nor Science books. Even if someone chooses not to believe in God or the Bible, it does help to understand a vast array of things this country is about. Science included, it is good to read about Science and be allowed to choose whether we agree or disagree with the things we read.